Homel activist Uladzimir Shytsikau detained for anti-war picketing

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

March 15, activists of the United Civil Party held an anti-war picket near the large department store “Reshytski”. Its participants held posters with the slogans “We demand honest elections!” “Return elections!”, “23 March – another non-election”.

The picket, attended by the UCP leaders Anatol Liabedzka and Vasil Paliakou, lasted for an hour. It was watched by policemen in uniform and strangers in civvies, who shot the action on video.

After the end of the picket, the police detained one of its participants, Homel UCP member Uladzimir Shytsikau. He was holding posters with the inscriptions: “Putinist Russia, you have gone crazy!” and “Splendor of mansions saves no dictators!”. The police asked him to hide the posters, as they had nothing to do with the elections. However, the activist said he didn't violate anything, and continued holding the posters. The police detained him and guarded to the Savetski District Police Department of Homel.

Somewhat later, the activist stopped answering his phone. Then it became known that he was placed in the detention facility and would be tried on Monday. Most probably, Mr. Shytsikau will be charged with holding an unauthorized mass event.

“Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections”