Mahiliou: woman with two minor children is evicted from dormitory

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The appropriate verdict was taken on March 12 by the Leninski District Court of Mahiliou.

Iryna Ilyinskaya has lived 14 years in a dormitory of building trust No. 12. She is a single mother with a two-year-old daughter and a seven-year-old son.

At the moment
the woman is on maternity leave. Initially, Iryna had a petition for indefinite residence in the hostel of another organization, but the administration of the trust insisted that she
renew the contract for dwelling in the dormitory for one year. The woman was told that it would not bring any negative consequences.

The Independent Trade Union of Radio Electronic Industry says that the eviction of the single mother from the hostel became possible after
adoption of the new Housing Code, which deprived even this category of citizens of any accommodation preferences. The woman will appeal the court verdict at the Mahiliou Regional Court with the assistance of the lawyers of the independent trade union.