Baranavichy: candidate continues struggling for publication of his pre-electoral program

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Mikalai Charnavus

Mikalai Charnavus

Mikalai Charnavus, a candidate for the Brest Regional Council in Western constituency No. 21 in Baranavichy, continues to fight for the printing of his election program. He applied to the editor of the state-run newspaper “Nash Krai” stating that he had introduced some changes in the program and asked to publish the new version.

“I was informed that the previous version of the program was sent to the Central Election Commissioon for examination. However, two weekas have passed, but my program hasn't been published and no proposals have been made to me. That's why I introduced some changes and demand that the program be published. I still call people to vote for heads of enterprises, but for those who openly struggle against the flourishing corruption in our city,” stated Mr. Charnavus.

At present Mr. Charnavus is the only of 43 candidates who attempts to publish his program in the state-owned press and the city's printing house.

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