Chair of Mikashevichy City Executive Committee uses physical violence against candidate

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Leanid Dubanosau

Leanid Dubanosau

Candidate for the Mikashevich City Council Leanid Dubanosau paid a visit to the director of the local House of Culture "Granite" to agree on the time of his electoral meeting there, scheduled for March 16. Despite the fact that the House of Culture was determined as a place for such meetings by the city executive committee, the director said that she could not take such decision on her own.

She phoned to the
"Granite" plant and invited representatives of the leadership in the House of Culture. However, for some reason, Chairman of the Mikashevich City Executive Committee Anatol Davidovich came instead of them.

Leanid Dubanosau, standing at the door of the office, heard Davidovich saying:
"They want to make a mess here" and calling the independent candidates almost Nazis. Then he walked into the office and introduced himself.

Chairman of the Executive Committee Davidovich shouted: “Get out of here, I sa

Leanid Dubanosau, shocked by such behavior, said: “I am a candidate for deputy, why do you yell at me like that?”

After this, the official grabbed Mr. Dubanosau by the collar and pushed him out of the office.

When Davidovich went away, the House of Culture presented to Leanid Dubanosau an order written in Davydovich's hand, where it was stated that the meeting couldn't be held due to repairs, though the repairs were held outdoors, not in the House of Culture.

An ac
tivist of the campaign "Tell the Truth" Valiantsin Lazarenkau, who helps the candidates to campaign, considers such behavior of the official to be a demonstration of the essense of the current government: rudeness and use of violence and rapid cancelation of earlier decisions.

Leanid Dubanosau has filed a complaint to theCentral Election Commission concerning the unlawful refusal. He is also going to apply to the police concerning the hooligan behavior of the head of the executive committee.

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