Babruisk authorities want to punish two people for picket of solidarity with Ukraine

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On March 6 evening, a picket against the outbreak of war in Ukraine was held by two local activists. One of them, activist of the local branch of the Independent Trade Union of Radio Electronic Industry Halina Smirnova, was caught by a policeman near her home, but was not detained.

Later the woman received a subpoena to appear at the police department as a person against whom administrative proceedings were instituted.

“I am summoned by the notorious Babruisk police major Siarhei Rudzko. Together with me, he also issued a subpoena to my husband, who didn't attend the picket. It is noteworthy that the subpoenae were brought by the local police inspector in the company of two "vigilantes".

The police also decided to draw to liability the journalists who covered the action. Maryna Malchanava, working for “Babruiski Kur'yer”, made several photos at the picket and prepared an article about it. After a meeting with major Rudzko she found that the police were trying to punish hear under Article 23.34, as a participant of the unauthorized mass event.

According to Mrs. Malchanava, her husband wasn't allowed to be present at Rudzko's office as her representative. “Siarhei Rudzko asked me leading questions. Of course I refused to answer them”, said Maryna. “Apparently, this angered him. He told me that we would meet in court and
issued me with another writ, for March 17, so that the police could draw up a violation report against me. Maybe I will file a counter-suit, as I was working within the law, and I do not understand such claims,” commented the journalist.