Babruisk journalist to be tried for covering anti-war picket

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Maryna Mauchanava, a journalist for the “Babruiski Kur'er” newspaper, covered an anti-war picket on March 6.

She received a summons informing an administrative case had been opened against her, the press service of the Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAJ) says.

On March 6, Maryna Mauchanava from “B
abruiski Kur'yer”, received a task from the newspaper's editor-in-chief to cover a picket against a war in Ukraine. It was carried out by local activists, who had officially applied to the executive committee for permission.

The peaceful picket was held by two activists. They raised a poster “We against war” near the stadium in Uritskiy Street and then walked two blocks on the sidewalk. The picket was over. A police car stopped one of the picketers later.

Police officers asked him to explain what was going on and say his name. The activist showed the poster, said that nothing happened and went home. He didn't tell his name. “Babruiski Kur'yer”s journalist Maryna Mauchanava watched the incident. She wrote an article in the evening, and “Babruiski Kur'yer” published it.

On March 11, Tuesday, police officer Siarhei Rudzko, deputy head of the order and crime prevention department, called her and said she should come to a police station to make a report.

Maryna Mauchanava asked to send her a summons. Rudzko did so. The summons says that Maryna is involved in the administrative process over article 23.34 (violating the rules of organizing or holding mass events or pickets).