Anatol Liabedzka fined about $400 for picket to support Ukraine

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Minsk's Savetski district court found the leader of the United Civil Party guilty of holding an unsanctioned picket. Judge Yakubouski issued a fine of 30 basic units to the politician.

The picket “For fair elections” was carried out at Kamarouski Market in Minsk on March 2. It was held by activists of the UCP and Young Belarus to show their solidarity with Ukraine. The activists applied to the authorities for permission to organize the picket, but the police found the action illegal and presented charged to the UCP leader.

Anatol Liabedzka thinks it “again proves the absence of 'elections' in the country”.

“It is a reaction to the United Civil Party's statement critici
zing the authorities,” Anatol Liabedzka said. “Police came to all pickets with my participation in Hrodna, Brest and Minsk. The trial is another proof.”

UCP activists from Brest are to stand trial today for holding an unsanctioned picket,