Homel: electoral picket of UCP candidate suffers a hooligan attack

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

March 11, candidate for the Homel City Council at the Studentskaya election constituency, member of the United Civil Party Zmitser Karpenka, held an electoral picket.

At one of the posters used at the action he expressed his attitude to the events in the Ukraine by writing: “Candidate Zmitser Karpenka is against the war and for the Ukraine!”. The picket was held in an allowed place, near the Culture Palace “Festivalny” in the Savetski district of Homel.

In the beginning, the picket was watched by a police car, but soon it went away. Several minutes after it there appeared some hooligans who assaulted the candidate, started rushing to him, using foul language and threats. The strangers accused the candidate of the wish to provoke a war or a revolution, like in the Ukraine, and told him to remove his posters and go there instead.

The hooligans tried to provoke a fight and swore at the candidate. Then they got into their car and continued watching the candidate. Later they went out again, started shouting that the candidate was a fascist, and grabbed his poster.

It's worth noting that some elderly passers-by also paid a nervous reaction to the electoral picket. One of them started shouting that the USA were trying to start a war and were to blame for the present situation.

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