Homel City Election Commission “insistently advises” UCP candidate to withdraw from elections

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Members of the Homel City Election Commission have trice asked an activist of the UCP Dzmitry Karpenka to withdraw from the elections.

Mr. Karpenka is a candidate running in Studentskaya election constituency No 32. As reported by him, he received such proposals from the member of the election commission Iryna Abramtsava. “When I visited the election commission for the first time, they tried to deceive me, saying that all UCP members have withdrawn from the election, that's why I needed to do the same. The second time they said that they needed to print campaigning materials, which were expensive, and that everything would be done at my expense, which is lies. The third time, Iryna Abramtsava called on my home phone and proposed to come with an application for withdrawal from the elections. I answered that I was ill, after which she proposed that my application be brought by some friend, which is a complete nonsense,” commented the candidate.

Dz. Karpenka added that the commission also tried to mislead him in the issue of places for campaigning. When he asked the commission where campaigning was permitted, they answered that there weren't such places, and the election leaflets would be published and distributed by the commission on its own. The candidate intends to hold a number of electoral pickets soon.

It's worth noting that there are 40 constituencies for the election to the Homel City Council in Home. At 12 of them candidates are running unopposed.

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