Baranavichy: state-owned newspaper refuses to publish election program of opposition candidate

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Mikalai Charnavus

Mikalai Charnavus

State-owned newspaper “Nash Krai” refused to publish the election program of a candidate for the Brest Regional Council, Mikalai Charnavus. The editor of the newspaper told the candidate to radically change it, but the latter didn't agree. As reported by Chair of Zakhodniaya constituency election commission No. 21 Larysa Antonava, the text of the electoral program was sent to the Central Election Commission.

“In my program I openly spoke against the contract system of employment, for direct elections of city majors and for including representatives of all candidates in election commissions. At the same time, I informed the people that the Baranavichy City Council consisted only of heads of state and private enterprises and, for instance, the wage of the plant of concrete structures today is 90 million rubles, whereas the workers get 20 times less. That's why I called the citizens not to vote for these officials, but for those who lead an open struggle against corruption,” commented Mr. Charnavus.

In response, the authorities threaten the activist with prosecution. However, he states his readiness to prove each of the statements in his program.

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