Brest: premiere of theatric play “Chernonyl” canceled due to “repairs”

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Belarusian premiere of the play by actors of the “Kryly Khalopa” (“Serf's Wings”) theater was to have taken place on March 6 at the Center of Culture and Leisure of the Paudniovy neighborhood in Brest.

However, on the eve of the dress rehearsal representatives of the theater were informed that the premiere was canceled due to repairs in the center. After this, “Serf's Wings” published an official statement at its website and in the social networks. There it was stated that the theater intended to present the piece for the Belarusian public for the first time. After the performance, a discussion on the Chernobyl issues was to have been conducted with participation of invited experts.

The ideology department of the Brest City Executive Committee alleges that finances for repairing the Center of Culture and Leisure have finally been found after many years, and the play can be staged only after the repairs. Meanwhile, no other cultural events scheduled in the center, have been canceled.

In their official statement “Serf's Wings” say that they consider that the real reasons for the ban are ideological and political. Earlier, the documentary project “Chernobyl” was presented in Denmark at the International theatric festival “Transit” and at theatric festivals in Poland.