Non-alternative elections to be held in the majority of district capitals of the Homel region

2014 2014-03-05T14:44:26+0300 2014-03-05T14:44:26+0300 en The Human Rights Center “Viasna” The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The elections to the district councils in the Loyeu, Karma, Elsk, Buda-Kashaliova, Zhytkavichy, Khoiniki, Chachersk, Lelchytsy and Naroulia districts of the Homel region will be held on non-aleternative basis: there is just one candidate per district.

The situation is quite similar in other district capitals of the region. For instance, in Mazyr there are 41 candiates for 40 seats, in Brahin – 34 for 33 seats, in Rahachou – 43 candidates for 40 seats.

The head of the Loyeu District Police Department, Chair of the department of education, sport and tourism, Chair of the district department for emergencies, director of pedagogical college, director of the district consumer society, director of the public utilities, commissioner of the military enlistment office and other local officials are running unoposed for the Loyeu district council.

In the village constituencies, among the candidates are also two tractor drivers, a paramedic, a teacher, a froester. Others are head of collective farms and agricultural enterprises.

Heads of agricultural enterprises and department of the Vetka District Executive Committee are running for the Vetka Council.

Similarly, in the Council of Deputies are Vetkovskiy village chairman , director of agricultural enterprises , heads of departments executive committee.

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