Belarusian MFA: Yanukovich's associates can count on asylum in Belarus

2014 2014-03-05T12:36:46+0300 2014-03-05T12:36:46+0300 en

Belarus is ready to grant asylum to supporters of the ousted Ukrainian president. Belarusian foreign minister Uladzimir Makei noted the authorities “have been monitoring the information on the Internet that certain Yanukovych's supporters are trying or have found shelter in Belarus,” BelaPAN reports.

“Our position is: If we saw these people [close to ousted president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych] were persecuted illegally for their political beliefs and if they applied for political asylum in our country, we would give them asylum. We don't have this information yet. But our position is unambiguous,” the Belarusian FM said.

The former interior minister of Ukraine is reported by Ukrainian media to have fled to Belarus.