Insulting letters sent on behalf of Babruisk journalist

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Maryna Malchanava, Babruisk journalist working with independent media, learned that letters with insults were sent on her behalf.

“I was informed about the letters by Chair of the
local branch of "Tell the Truth" Alena Miadzvedzeva”, says the journalist. “She said that I was sending messages with insults to her daughter's email. I asked him to send me copies of these letters ...”

The letters, forwarded to Maryna, were sent from the mailbox, and really contained direct insults addressed to Alena and Nastsia Miadzvedzeus. The journalist immediately published this address on social networks and explained that she didn't send such letters.

have nothing to do with this mailbox and these letters! I don't know who writes them and signs by my name. Maybe, someone could prompt how I can stop it or learn who stands behind it?” asked the journalist in her address in the social networks.

“I was allowed to apply to the police, and
most likely I will do so. Now this mail address is blocked, I hope nothing like this will be sent on my behalf anymore. Only the Miadzvedzeus have complained about the insulting letters so far, other local activists haven't told me such things,” noted Maryna Malchanava.

“I received two letters from that mail address”, said Nasta Miadzvedzeva. “Who is doing it? It is hard to say, but my mom thinks these provocations are staged by our
intelligence agencies...”

It is hard to understand the aim of such letters from a fake mail accounts. Earlier, there were cases of distribution of insulting anonymous leaflets concerning Chair of the local branch of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Taisiya Kabanchuk and Chair of the local branch of the Independent Trade Union of Radio Electronic Industry Halina Smirnova Almost two years ago the women applied to the police, but the hooligans still haven't been found.