Horki: alternative candidate complains about biased attitude of the electoral commission

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Andrei Bazhko

Andrei Bazhko

Andrei Bazhko, an independent candidate running for the Mahiliou Regional Council of Deputies in the Horki rural constituency No. 18 and for the Horki District Council at the Kirauskaya constituency No. 18, alleges that the members of the electoral commissions of the Horki rural constituency No. 18 demonstrate a biased attitude to him.

According to Mr. Bazhko, at first there were no special problems, but the trouble started after he protested against the fact that in general election leaflet with information about candidates his data were put last.

“According to the alphabet, my data were to come first in the general election leaflet,” says Andrei Bazhko. “However, members of the constituency commission of the Horki rural constituency No. 18 put my photo and biographical information on the last place in the model of the general leaflet. When I expressed my strong protest regarding their intentions and demanded that they composed the pre-election leaflet in line with the Electoral Code, the constituency commission posed a new claim. Having phoned to the regional commission and received some instructions from there, they agreed to put my data in the first place. However, they immediately demanded that I change the photo and rewrite my autobiography. Earlier, they had no pretensions about it. I refused to make any changes, and demanded that all the claims be presented to me in writing so that I could appeal them. I haven't received any printed documents from the electoral commission so far.”

Andrei Bazhko states that members of the electoral commission were also dissatisfied with his intention to establish an electoral fund. Meanwhile, he notes that there were no problems with it in the district electoral commission for the elections to the Horki District Council.

Entrepreneur Andrei Bazhko became popular among Horki district residents after a picket near the local PMC in 2011, when he demanded to pay the money earned by him in the JSC "Aleksandryiskaye" in the Shklou district. Mr. Bazhko managed to get his demands implemented. He is not a member of any political party and positions himself as an independent candidate.

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