Hrodna Regional Election Commission rejects nine complaints

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On February 28, a meeting of the Hrodna Regional Election Commission considered complaints by candidates that were earlier denied registration in different constituencies. Observer Viktar Sazonau, who attended the meeting, said that the Commission had considered nine complaints of eight different people. A civil society activist of Astravets, Ivan Kruk, submitted two complaints – one dealing with a denial of registration to the Regional Council and the other – to the District Council. The respective election commissions claim that Ivan Kruk violated the procedures for collecting signatures, namely some of his supporters did not write the date with their own hand. Meanwhile, Ivan Kruk argued that he personally collected signatures and ruled out such violations, saying that that he possessed information about pressure on some of the voters. However, the Hrodna Regional Commission dismissed the two complaints.

Dzmitry Bandarchuk, a representative of the "Tell the Truth" campaign, who was also present at the examination, wanted to prove that he had not violated the law. He was not registered as a candidate due to an incorrect income declaration. In particular, when indicating a cottage as a property he failed to mention ownership of the land on which the house is located.

The Commission also considered the complaints of a Zelva activist Yauhen Skrabutan, a Slonim activist Ivan Bedka, as well as those by Vadzim Barkouski, Vital Lenashkevich, Ihar Bantsar and a civil society activist of Varniany, Mikalai Ulasevich.

None of the nine complaints was granted by the Commission. Mikalai Ulasevich, who came to witness the consideration of his complaint, says the reasons for the move are absurd and intends to appeal the decision in court.

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