41 candidates for 40 seats in Mazyr District Council

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Mazyr district election commission met yesterday to register of candidates for the District Council. 45 applications were submitted in 40 constituencies, and 41 candidates were eventually registered.

As observer Uladzimir Tseliapun reports, the submitted documents were first checked at a “working meeting” of the election commission. There, they chose the required number of signatures for verification and decided to send requests for verification of declarations.

Only one constituency, No. 28, will have two candidates: director of Mazyr bus depot No. 2 will compete with stoker Mikhail Karatkevich.

“All the other candidates are entirely directors, chief officials, heads of enterprises, institutions and departments. Four applicants, including three from the Movement "For Freedom" were for various reasons refused registration, as they allegedly failed to state all the necessary data in their declarations. Besides, the dates were not written in person and several addresses were incorrectly specified (place of residence instead of the place of registration), and so on," comments the observer.

He drew attention to the fact that the election commission’s sitting was preceded by a "working meeting". "They did not tell me when it was held and refused to see the minutes of that mysterious meeting. Another "elite club" is being created called the Mazyr District Council of Deputies. No notice of this meeting was posted on the website of the executive committee, and I, as an accredited observer, was not notified of it. Although they should have, as required by both the Electoral Code and the CEC guidelines," stresses Mr. Tseliapun.

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