Chair of Biaroza DEC scared of bombs

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Two weeks ago, one of the members of the board of an apartment building in Biaroza made an appointment with the chairperson of the Executive Committee Yury Narkevych concerning some housing and utility issues and warned that two more members of the board would come with her.

When the women arrived at the reception, Manager of Executive Committee Volha Shyp tried to persuade them to go to the reception to the head or deputy head of the local housing office. Meanwhile, just one person was waiting to be received by Chairperson of the Executive Committee. Later two more people came.

The women insisted on being received by the official, because they believed that their problem was serious enough. When their turn came, the secretary and the manager, blocking the chairman's door, told the visitors to leave their bags at the reception, saying that they could carry a bomb in them.

A recorder is in the hands of one of the women caused a shock among the officials. The women said they wanted to record the conversation, as the question was quite serious, and they wanted to prevent any misunderstandings if they would have to appeal to higher instances. The officials responded that in this case they would let in only the woman which was registered for the appointment as she allegedly hadn't warned them that somebody else would come together with her. They paid no attention to the woman 's protests and statements that she had warned them about it.

As a result, the folder with information about the financial manipulations of the enterprise “Biaroza Housing Service” with their house was left in the hands of the women who weren't let in the chairman's office. The women asked to be shown the laws that prohibited coming to meetings with state officials with handbags. The lawyer of the executive committee Yauhen Kashtalian told they would receive it by mail.

The women entered a complaint in the complaint book of the executive committee. They also filed an appeal with the prosecutor's office, asking why they weren't allowed to enter the chairman's office and were told to leave their personal belongings in the lobby.