Brest: prosecutor's office is required to start criminal proceedings against administration of communal service and city authorities

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Residents of house No. 10 on Astrouski Street accuse the Brest City Executive Committee and the city housing office of embezzlement, abuse of power and inaction.

The authors of the appeal to the prosecutor's office aresure that the aforementioned state organs have caused them serious damage by their inaction, as far as the residents have signed a contract for the maintenance of the house and paid for the the appropriate services. However, the authorities delayed the repairs of the house, and then ruled that it was in a “dangerous state”.

As stated by the citizens, the executive committee has not fulfilled its duties in preserving communal and private property, as well as historical and cultural value, because the house down Arlouskaya Street is located in the center of Brest and is under state protection. The residents also believe that they have suffered property damage and ask the prosecutor's office to bring the responsible officials to justice.

As noted by human rights activist Raman Kisliak, the authorities were deliberately inactive. The state of the house kept deteriorating due to lack of repair, which reduced its cost. Eventially, the authorities decided to “lawfully” evict the residents from it in order to sell the house at a good price to an investor.