“A Lesson of the Belarusian Language” and “Solidarity of Belarus” are declared extremist

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Today the newspaper "Respublika" has published the official list of "extremist materials".

list opens with the CDs seized in 2008 from journalist Ales Burakou: the film by Polish director Miroslav Dembinski “A Lesson of the Belarusian Language” about the fate of humanitieslyceum, closed by the Belarusian authorities in 2003. The second disc is a record of the concert "Solidary with Belarus" , held in the center of Warsaw. These products were declared extremist by the Kastrychnitski District Court of Hrodna.

The list also includes the album "Belarus Press Photo 2011", declared extremist by the Ashmiany District Court. That decision received a wide publicity in Belarus and the world. The album contained the best shots made by the Belarusian photographers.

Other positions in the list are publications about the history of Russia and
Russian Orthodox church. Here are some titles: "Reading the Gospel. Reflections on the Gospel reading. Who we are: Christians or Jews?" (Publisher "Orthodox Initiative"),"Word and Work of Ivan the Terrible", "Russia, Awake. In defense of the Fatherland","Secret World Government","Yoke of Judah","Velez - Russ God".