Babruisk: places for campaigning are inconvenient and few in number

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In the Leninski district, candidates and their agents are traditionally allowed to campaign in open areas adjacent to the football field of the youth sports school "Belshyna" in Uricki St., 76a.

e place is far from being busy, being located in a quiet corner of the city. In addition, the phrase "adjacent to the field site" may mean that the candidates will have to go behind a fence, where they will be like in a cage. It is noteworthy that in the whole Leninski district the administration determined just one, quite unsuitable place for campaigning.

The authorities also determined two traditional places as premises for meetings of candidates, as well as for pre-election meetings organized by voters: the hall of the Center for Children and Youth (Chongarskaya St., 79B) and the auditorium of the Center for Culture and Leisure (Piashchany Lane, 22). It is quite difficult to explain the voters where these buildings are situated.

Campaign materials can be placed at the information booths at polling stations and six housing departments located at: Gorky St., 41 Liebknecht St., 64, Kouzan St., 5 , Lenin St., 61, Minskaya St., 105 and Tukhachevsky Lane, 2b. It is also allowed to place campaign materials on informational booths of enterprises, organizations and institutions, but only with permission of the administration. Typically, heads of government agencies are afraid to give such permission to democratic activists.

A whole army of policemen, employees of public utilities, ideologues and employees of the administrations of the Leninski and Pershamaiski distrits will ensure that the candidates don't campaign or paste leaflets in the wrong places.

The Pershamaiski District Executive Committee determined just one place for meetings with the electorate – the assembly hall of the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology.

The sports harbor of the football club "Belshyna" was determined as a venue for outdoor gatherings. The base is located at Ulyanovskaya St., 94A, on the edge of a forest park , close to the exit of the town.

Campaigning materials can be posted on the information booths at polling stations and seven housing departments, located in Arlouski St. 27, Harelik St., 4, Rakasouski St., 78 Lynkou St., 12, Ordzhonikidze St., 42, Prybiarezinski Boulevard, 21 and50 Hod VLKSM St., 19, the billboards at the intersection of Batau Street and Budauniki Avenue, at the terminus of the bus No. 18 (6th-district), stopping area at the intersection of Ulyanovskaya and Ordzhonikidze streets, stop in Rokossovski Street and the bus stop "Kisialevichy".

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