Mahiliou: 18th century house dismantled in Mahiliou

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dismantlement of the house in Mahiliou

dismantlement of the house in Mahiliou

The house did not have the status of historical and cultural value. The information about the demolition of the historic buildings was reported by Chairman of the Mahiliou regional organization of the NGO "Belarusian Voluntary Society for the Protection of Cultural and Architectural Monuments" Uladzimir Krauchanka.

"All the efforts of the public to preserve the historical heritage in M
ahiliou remain fruitless. The officials pretend not to see and not to hear us and continue ruining the historical values, few of which is left in the city. It is a shame, as the city loses its face and history," commented Mr. Krauchanka.

Chairman of the
regional organization of the Society for the Protection of Architectural and Cultural Monuments believes that the house, which had thick strong brick walls, could stand more than a century. The position of the local authorities is quite different – it was declared that the building was in an emergency state, that's why it was decided to dismantle it.

the house stood in Bykhauskaya Street, where wealthy citizens used to live. It can be found on a map dated the second half of the 187th century. During the times of the Russian Empire, it was used by the servants of the Russian Governor headed by the manager, who was involved in the supply of food to the governor's house. The house had a good cellar, where the foodstaffswere stored.

the house had one-story. The second floor was build from brick. The Mahiliou historians argue that the bricks for it were taken from the St. Joseph Cathedral, exploded by Bolshevik authorities in 1939.