Homel region: election campaigning is allowed at stadiums and in parks

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Baranavichy, old ciy park

Baranavichy, old ciy park

Homel Regional Executive Committee must have decided that stadiums and parks are frequented by the electorate at winter. This follows from their regulations, according to which campaigning is allowed in such places.

For instance, in Kalinkavichy electoral meetings and pickets can be held only in two places
: at the site in a city park between the attractions and the lake and on the ground near the race track in a former military camp, which are also quite “popular” in winter. In the villages of the Kalinkavichy district election campaigning is allowed mainly near the Culture Houses.

In Rechytsa, the candidates were also told to campaign in the culture and recreation park. Apart from it, electoral pickets and meetings can be held near the
territorial center of public services and the children's music school.

In Vetka, candidates were sent to the stadium, which is located on the city outskirts and is quite difficult to reach. They were also allowed to campaign on the site in Chyrvonaya Square on the side of Hramyka Street.

A rampant democracy was demonstrated only by the Loyeu District Executive Committee, who allowed holding meetings and pickets in the central square of Loyeu, where the executive committee, the court, the museum and other administrative buildings are located. Meanwhile, there one can also hold election pickets at the stadium on the city outskirts and in the city park.

In the villages of the Loyeu district election pickets and meetings can be held mainly near village shops.

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