Human rights activist, nominated by 15 groups of citizens, not included in a PEC

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Human rights defender Pavel Levinau

Human rights defender Pavel Levinau

10,568 people were included in 868 precinct election commissions, among them – seven representatives the Left Party "Fair World", 3 representatives of the United Civil Party, 2 – of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada). 98.6 % of all precinct election commissions don't have any opposition activists among their members.

More detailed calculations were posted at the website "The authorities again put the greates barrier for the opposition contenders. Only 22 % of representatives of the opposition parties were included in the commissions, compared to the 55 % and 76 % of the pro-government parties, the Party of Labor and Justice and the Party of Communists of Belarus respectively. However, even these figures look modest compared to the percentage of included nominees of the pro-government NGOs: the Union of Veterans – 94.8%, Belarusian Republican Youth Union – 97.0%, the Federation of Trade Unions – 98.5%, the Union of Women – 99%, Belaya Rus – 99.4%".

30 precincts were established in the Haradok district, 338 people were included in the local PECs. Political parties are represented in them only by four members of the Party of Communists of Belarus. Leanid Haravy, nominee of the Vitsebsk regional organization of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party, was not included in the Haharynskaya PEC.

During the
last elections to the House of Representatives, Leanid Haravy repeatedly complained about violations of electoral law, both during formation of the election commissions, and while observing the elections. “They know I won't keep silent! That's why I am “unsuitable” for them!” says Mr. Haravy.

A record holder on the non-inclusion in election commissions can be considered Vitsebsk human rights defender Pavel Levinau. He tried to get in the regional, in the district and in a constituency election commission. He even appealed the non-inclusion in the commissions at court. He was not included in the PEC No. 40 in the Pershamaiski district of Vitsebsk, though he was nominated there by 15 groups of people, each of whom consisted of ten people
! However, the Pershamaiski District Executive Committee of Vitsebsk didn't even discuss his candidacy.

myself was at the meeting on formation of precinct commissions. And everything went as if they haven't received these 15 statements. One group of citizens sued to court, saying that their opinion was ignored, after which an officer of the executive committee explained that they had some “working group” which had decided that my candidacy wasn't worth including in the PEC. However, the electoral legislation doesn't provide for the establishment of such “working groups”. It is stated there that election commissions are to be formed by executive committees. Despite this, on February 8 Judge Dasko stated there were no violations of the law,” commented Mr. Levinau.

As a result, the PEC was formed of workers of one labor collective – teachers of secondary school No. 12. According to the official information, they were nominated to the commission in different ways: six – by public associations, 1 – by the labor collective and 8 – by groups of electors. It is quite interesting that all nominees proposed to the PEC, even those who weren't included in it, work in secondary school No. 12.

"That's how imperfections in the electoral legislation can be used! It is enough to nominate several persons in different ways to form a commission of workers of one organization or institution, which is contrary to the law! In informed the Central Election Commission about it, and am going to appeal the allegedly lawful decision about the formation of PEC No. 40 in the Pershamaiski district to Chair off the Vitsebsk Regional Court,” says the human rights activist.

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