Biaroza: election commissions are formed in the same manner

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The earlier principle of formation is retained: the commissions are formed of members of the same enterprises and are usually head by their bosses.

For example, precinct election commission No. 11, located in the administrative building of the Biaroza central district hospital, formed by decision of the Biaroza District Executive Committee, consists of 11 people. Seven of them were nominated by the labor collectives of the Biaroza central district hospital. Four more were nominated by NGOs, but three of them work in the hospital. The observers didn't manage to find about the occupation of the fourth one. The commission doesn't include any representatives of the 1,899 citizens, registered at the precinct. In particular, the executive committee refused to include in it citizens' representative Tamara Shchapiotkina. At the same time, the commission of the neighboring precinct No. 15 consists of 15 persons (1,895 electors are registered at the precinct).

During previous electoral campaigns T. Shchapiotkina also attempted to get included into election commissions. However, the authorities ignore the wish of the nominee and the citizens ho nominated her, saying that only experienced people should work in the commissions. However, how can one get such experience then?

Tamara Shchapiotkina has a higher education, was a member of the Belaaziorsk City Council and has repeatedly observed elections in Belarus and abroad.

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