Political prisoner Mikalai Autukhovich doesn't get letters from Ukrainian protesters

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Mikalai Autukhovich

Mikalai Autukhovich

Postcards and telegrams from Ukrainian protesters haven't been delivered to the Belarusian political prisoner.

Activist and film director Volha Mikalaichyk learnt it from Mikalai Autukhovich's letter, Rfe/RL reports.

“Activists sent him a telegram on his birthday. I know it for sure, I saw it with my own eyes. It wasn't cheap – 180 hryvnias. He hasn't received a telegram and postcards.
The activists sent postcards to all 12 Belarusian political prisoners from a post office near the protest camp,” Volha Mikalaichyk said.

She thinks the Belarusian authorities decided not to deliver letters from Ukrainian protesters to political prisoners amid dramatic events in Ukraine.

Mikalai Autukhovich was sentenced to 5 years in prison over part 3 of article 295 “illegal possession of firearms, ammunition and explosives
. He was given additional two months, because he allegedly committed a new crime before the expiration of his previous term. He serves a term of 5 years and two months in a maximum security correctional colony.