Mazyr PECs are formed by the principle: one enterprise – one commission

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Mazyr District Executive Committee established precinct election commissions. The announcement about the relevant meeting of the executive committee was uploaded to its website just several hours befor the meeting.

Representatives of the Belarusian Leftist Party “Fair World”, who nominated six representatives to the PECs, weren't informed about the date and time of the meeting in advance. Predictably enough, their nominees weren't included in the PECs.

As reported by election observer Uladzimir Tseliapun, the composition of the PECs has little difference from that of the elections of 2012. “The analysis shows that the commissions are formed by the principle – a commission should consist of workers of one enterprise or institution. No workers have been noticed among members of the commissions, just engineers and representatives of the administration. The commissions are usually headed by the heads of the enterprises or their deputies who weren't included into the lists of members of the district council. Instead of working at their enterprises, they will ensure the attendance of their employees to the polling stations," commented the observer.

He cited the example of PEC No. 18, headed by manager of JSC “Belaruskabel” Dzmitry Rakauchuk. His deputy at the commission is Ivan Navitski, his deputy at “Belaruskabel” on ideological work. The commission secretary is Tamara Kapelyan (deputy head of the personned department of “Belaruskabel”). The head of the department of sales, service and houses Valiantsin Ranchynski was nominated to the commission by the Communist Party of Belarus, the marketing specialist of the company Aksana Shcherbina – by the Belarusian Women's Union. "Other members of the commission were also nominated to it by structural divisions of "Belaruskabel", said Uladzimir Tseliapun.

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