Policeman threatens to pinion participants of BCD rally and take them to woods

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The incident took place on Sunday near Belarus supermarket, where a member of Zavadski district’s electoral commission Volha Kryzhanouskaja together with policemen (the surname of one of them was Bobryk) demanded to stop a rally collecting signatures for nominating a candidate for municipal elections from the party Belarusian Christian Democracy.

The representatives of the authorities humiliated the activists and threatened them demanding to give away the signature sheets, BCD’s press-service reports.

“I will pinion you and to woods from here”, - one of the policemen claimed.

After passersby in numbers started expressing their indignation with the actions of the authorities representatives, the commission member left. The policemen followed.

“Representatives of Zavadski district’s electoral commission showed up together with police very suddenly. And they suddenly disappeared, when they saw that it is not worth it quarreling with Vital Rymasheuski. He stopped them very well. The electoral commission’s representatives did not like that there was a writing Belarusian Christian Democracy on the stands. They asked: “Why are not you nominated by the party and it is written that you are? You do not have the right, get out”. However, the word “party” was not used anywhere. BCD is a party being created, which the authorities are afraid of registering. They even by all means try not let use the name on rallies”, - the event’s participant Paviel Prakapovich said.