Minsk residents forbidden to feed homeless

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It follows from the post on the movement's page in VKontakte social network.

Two activists, who brought hot meal, and five homeless people were detained in Minsk's Simon Bolivar Park on January 25, Saturday. They were set free some hours later.

“Plainclothes policemen detained our guys in Zakharov Street. Four thugs came to us at 3 p.m. and showed their police cards. Guys arranged with them to end serving food. They were taken to a police station together with five homeless people. They also tried to detain a man who came to hand out socks and mittens to the homeless. They wrote down his passport details, but didn't detain. All were set free after five hours in the Partyzanski district police department. Cops were talking drivel about western spies and so on. They seem to be frightened by the events in Ukraine,” the activists wrote.

Members of the movement say police officers were noticed today on the usual place of feeding the homeless.