Belsat TV Wins Lawsuit on the Use of Trademark

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The Court decided that plaintiff Andrei Beliakou, head of the private company Belsat +, failed to prove his exclusive rights for the trademark "Belsat" in the territory of Belarus. The decision has come into legal force and cannot be appealed in a cassational court, only in exercise of supervisory powers.

We remind that the legal action was started by Andrei Beliakou in November, 2013: the director of the Belsat+ company, specializing in selling satellite and cable TV equipment, claimed that the satellite channel Belsat TV used the trade mark “Belsat” unlawfully. The company did not claim for damages, but wanted the satellite Astra to stop transmitting Belsat TV. Later on, the plaintiff changed the claim, asking the TV only to stop using the trademark "Belsat".

The satellite TV Belsat is registered and administered in Poland, though its media materials are aimed mainly for Belarusian viewers.