Brest City Council members ignore voters’ appeals

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Activists of the civil initiative "Social Office" in Brest have not received a response from the head of the City Council of Deputies, Henadz Masko, despite the fact that the law provides for a 15-day period for answering a request.

At the end of last year, activists of "Social Office" sent 38 letters to the members of the City Council with questions that relate to their activities, but no reply was received. The authors consider such attitude an outrage against the law, because the deputies had to respond within 15 days. Legislation allows extending this period up to one month if the issue requires further study, but the authors of the complaint should be informed about it.

Later the activists sent another letter addressed to the chairman of the Brest City Council, asking him about where and when he received citizens, as well as about the number of people he listened to. Simultaneously, Henadz Masko was asked to explain why the other deputies did not respond to similar questions in due time.

According to a member of the civil initiative, Yury Zhydovich, there was no response. "In this situation, the chairman of the City Council did not ignore us personally, but primarily his voters. It is obvious that the questions that were in the letter are uneasy, but it does not give reason to leave them unanswered. A few days ago we sent a second appeal to Henadz Masko: he received and signed it, so we hope that there will finally be an answer," says Yury Zhydovich.