Appeal of Belarusan civil society organizations and public activists on the situation in Ukraine

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”



of Belarusan civil society organizations and public activists




the European Parliament

the Council of the European Union

the European Commission


the US Congress

Barack Obama, US president


Vladimir Putin, President of Russian Federation


Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations


Viktor Yanukovych, President of Ukraine


the leaders of Ukrainian opposition parties


the people of Ukraine



These days, when the situation in Ukraine is being no longer controlled bythe opposing forces, when blood is being shed, when there are street fights in Kyiv and weapons are being used, we cannot maintain aloofness. The Ukrainian people are our fraternal nation and we, Belarusans, do understand their problems. In our opinion, the confrontation in Ukraine and its dramatic outcome are the result of the actions of the authorities that persistently ignore the requirements of the people of Ukraine, that are trusted no longer by the Ukrainians, that pass absurd laws, and that are trying relentlessly to establish a dictatorship in the country. We also believe that the errors of the oppositional politicians and protesters have not allowed them to find a peaceful solution of the situation.


We think that the bloodshed in Ukraine can be stopped now. We are convinced that the termination of violence and hostilities is not going to worsen the protesters’ position and will not lead to their defeat. After all, it is not acts of violence that make any protests strong, but protesters’ fidelity to their principles, their readiness to solve problems and self-organization, and we have already seen that the Ukrainian people do have such skills!


We urge the Maidan politicians and leaders to make everything possible in order to regain control over the situation and to convince the protesters to stop violence. The termination of violence does not mean the protesters cannot protect themselves and should leave their positions.


We urge the insurgents to carry out negotiations with anyone who is able to negotiate and to do something, who is able to control the situation even on limited sites - in a certain space of the street actions theater, in power structures, in government structures.


We urge the people of Ukraine not to consider the negotiation processand the political steps, which are still possible and effective today, to be the “playing for time”. Violent acts will not lead to a fast solution of the problem, but will only make the situation uncontrolled.


We urge the power structures and Ukrainian power to agree to start a real dialogue with the people of Ukraine even if the people’s demands seem unacceptable to the authorities.


We urge the law enforcement agents, militia, as well as titushky (subjects hired by the state), to stop prosecutions, abductions, and beatings of the protesters.


We urge all parties involved in the current political crisis in Ukraine to get consolidated and to undertake a peace-support mission. We are sure that the personal presence of representatives of the UN countries and international organizations that are interested in the solution of the conflict these days in Kyiv will play the role of an escalation constraining factor and will make it possible to prevent the new and mass slaughter.


Unity, organization, and consistency are the guarantee of joint successful actions!


Tatiana Novikova, "Ecodom", environmental association «Green Alliance»

Uladzimir Matskevich, International Consortium "EuroBelarus"

Tatiana Poshevalova, Center for Social Innovations

Inna Zhiznevskaya, "Ecodom"

Svetlana Korolyova, public activist

Igor Rynkevich, public establishment "Democracy Development League"

Sergei Matskevich, Belarusan NGOs Assembly

Valadar Tsurpanov, Civic Space Center

Inna Kulei, Solidarity Committee

Tatsiana Vadalazhskaya, Humanitarian Techniques Agency

Ulad Vialichka, International Consortium "EuroBelarus"

Ales Krot, youth trade-union group "Student Council"

Andrei Yahorau, Center for European Transformation

Andrei Aleksandrov, journalist

Tatiana Revyako, human rights defending center "Spring"

Elena Tonkacheva, Legal Transformation Center

Olga Smolyanko, Legal Transformation Center

Galina Cherepok, Legal Transformation Center

Petr Kuznetsov, civic initiative "Homiel Democratic Forum"

Oksana Shelest, Humanitarian Techniques Agency

Belarusan Students Association

Tatiana Zelko, public association of Belarusan pensioners «Our Generation»

Marina Adamovich, public activist, the wife of the political prisoner Nikolai Statkevich

Irina Zhikhar, Belarusian Organization of Working Women

Leonid Akalovich, Archpriest of the Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church

Sergei Drozdowski, Office for the rights of people with disabilities

Enira Branitskaya, Office for the rights of people with disabilities