Parliament urged to terminate powers of PM Krautsou

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Former candidate for Parliament in Krychau electoral district No. 83 Valery Karankevich sent on January 20 another statement to the Chairman of the House of Representatives Uladzimir Andreichanka.

In his new statement, Valery Karankevich offers the House of Representatives to terminate the powers of MP U. Krautsou in connection with his appointment to public office.

Valery Karankevich notes that simultaneous occupation in public office with a deputy’s authority violates the principle of separation of powers of the various branches of government and ignores the interests of the voters, which is unacceptable.

The former parliamentary candidate also refers to the fact that in democratic countries apply rules precluding combining public positions with higher powers of deputies of the legislature. These rules are used in Russia, too.

“I sent a second appeal to Uladzimir Andreichanka with a concrete proposal – to vote for an early termination of powers of the MP Krautsou in connection with his appointment to public office. As I have already mentioned, it’s just a joke – the Hrodna Regional Governor remains active member of the Parliament representing eastern Mahiliou region. In my opinion, if Uladzimir Krautsou is an honest man, then he must understand the absurdity of the situation, quit his office as a deputy and focus on the work at the Hrodna Regional Executive Committee. Especially because he is doing no parliamentary work in his constituency at present,” says Valery Karankevich.

On December 22, 2013, Valery Karankevich sent similar statements to the House of Representatives and the CEC.

In her response, the CEC Chair Lidziya Yarmoshyna refused to hold new elections of deputies of the House of Representatives in Krychau constituency No. 83, saying that Uladzimir Krautsou’s powers were still active, so the CEC allegedly had no legal grounds for appointing new elections in the constituency.