Belsat Lawsuit: Plaintiff Changes Claim

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At today’s hearing the director of Belsat +, a trading company specializing in satellite equipment, said that he did not want that the satellite Astra stop the transmission of Belsat TV signal; instead, he only wanted that the TV stop using the trade mark the same as that of his company.

The next hearing is tomorrow, January 21, at 10 am.

“The TV channel is registered in Poland, the same as the domain of the website,” say representatives of the TV channel. The domain name is neither registered nor administered from Belarus, as well as the television is not broadcast from the territory of Belarus. Thus, the trade mark lies beyond the jurisdiction of the Belarusian law.”

“Mr Belyakou’s firm deals with selling equipment for satellite and cable transmission, and radio equipment. Under the law, a trade mark cannot be forbidden if it is used in a different sphere (broadcasting and production of TV programs).”