Judge hears appeals against self: result is predictable

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

A resident of Mahiliou, Vasil Lipski, is appealing a number of decisions issued by First Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Court. The activist sent his complaint to the Court’s Chairman Valiantsin Sukala.

It turned out that Judge Fedartsou had considered two complaints against himself, and ignored Vasil Lipski’s request “not to consider a supervisory complaint against himself.”

Mr. Lipski asks to prosecute the judge, and to prohibit consideration of his fifth complaint.

The Mahiliou activist notes that the appeal to the Supreme Court stemmed from a decision to disallow his employment due to “failure to meet age requirements.” Vasil Lipski says this is discrimination and wrote a complaint to the Supreme Court.

His first supervisory complaint was considered by Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Court Zabara. The second appeal against Zabara and lower courts was considered by Fedartsou. The next two complaints were considered by Fedartsou himself.

According to Vasil Lipski, the practice is a gross violation of legislation, the judges should know that too well.