“Backawscyna” and Belarusian Language Socitety are deprived of rent preferences

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In Belarus, there are about 3,000 non-governmental organizations. Until recently, significant benefits for the rental of premises (90 % discount) were given to 451 organizations. This year's list of the lucky ones was drastically reduced. The list of beneficiaries is composed after consultation with the president.

The short-list of associations that have saved the privilege, include almost all sports federations, including even ... Golf Federation. Of the 195 organizations that remain in the list of beneficiaries, 52 are sports federations and associations .Interestingly, sport-related youth associations are provided with benefits, whereas youth organizations off intellectual and entertaining orientation ("Homel Club of Cheerful and Resourceful", "Belarusian CCR") are not.

Benefits were also given to associations of disabled persons, charitable, "Chernobyl" organizations, the associations rendering asstance to children, associations of parents with many children.

The list of beneficiaries no longer includes the Belarusian Language Society named Skaryna, “World Association of Belarusians "Backauscyna" , "Belarusian Foundation SOS - Children's Village" , "Central Service of Anonymous Alcoholics, "Republic without Drugs", "Belarusian Association of UNESCO Clubs", "League of Youth Voluntary Work". The State Property Committee refused to comment on the reasons for such decision, citing " inability to provide information". Unions of entrepreneurs, enviromental associations and associations of national minorities were kicked off the beneficiaries list too. At the same time, Jewish charitable associations and communities, as well as the Communist Party of Belarus have been left in the list.

The present curtailment of the list of organizations with rental privileges was preceded by another one, held in spring 2013.