UCP leader Anatol Liabedzka sentenced to a fine

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Anatol Liabedzka

Anatol Liabedzka

10-05 a.m. At the entrance of the courthouse the police inspected the visitors' belongings and were reluctant to let anybody in without seeing a subpoena. About 20 people gathered in the courtroom. The case was considered by Judge Kiryl Polulekh. Anatol Liabedzka answered the questions in Belarusian.

10-10. Liabedzka challenged the the judge referring to the absence of independent judiciary in Belarus. The judge retires to the deliberation room. The challenge is dismissed as groundless.

10-30. Anatol Liabedzka asks for time to study the case. A ten-minute break is announced.

11-15. The politician does not agree with the violation report, explaining he hasn't handed out any leaflets, but only collected signatures against the imposition of duties on cars.

11-25. The judge asks about Viktar Karniyenka, whether he was with Liabedzka? Liabedzka confirms it. Judge asks to explain how Liabedzka was collecting signatures. He says that they were coming up to people and asked to sign the petition in the case they were against the fee which was already included in the cost of gasoline. The people put their signatures. (RFE/RL).

11-35. Testimony is born by a witness for the prosecution, police officer Kisel. Liabedzka recognizes him as the one of thouse who took him away by a car.

12-35. The process resumes. Liabedzka asks to question police officer Hauruk, who has composed the report. The judge refuses, and asks Liabedzka, whether Viktar Karniayenka has collected signatures too. Mr. Liabedzka refuses to answer the question and
asked to view the videos, shot by numerous policemen. He also asked to attach the photos and videos to the case. The motion is also dismissed by the judge.

12-40. Judge
expells Hanna Krasulina from the courtroom for taking photos.

The study of written materials of the case begins.

2-25. Head of the United Civil Party Anatol Liabedzka is found guilty of violating Article 23.34 , Part 3 (organization of or participation in an unauthorized mass event) and punished by a fine of 45 basic units (5,850,000 rubles).


Anatol Liabedzk
a was detained in the morning on January 12, and set free only at 6 p.m. At first he was taken to the Savetski District Police Department of Minsk, then to a police station located nearby, where he was given charges for collecting signatures agains the car fee on January 5 together with the co-head of the campaign “For Fair Elections” Viktar Karniayenka.

Then the politician was ordered to get into a car. Policemen took him to Kurapaty memorial area and then to the city crematory. Only after that he was set free in the city district Viasnianka, close to his home.