Homel region: electoral pickets are allowed in unfrequented places

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The executive committees of the Homel region have adopted regulations determining the places prohibited for holding pickets for nomination of candidates for the local elections. In particular, Homel City Executive Committee ruled that collecting signatures in support of the candidacies was prohibited at a distance less than 50 meters from the buildings of the executive committees, courts, prosecutors' offices, public transport stops, intersections, crosswalks and territories of organizations "providing defense, state security and daily life of the population".

Also in Homel one can not collect signatures at a distance less than 200 meters from the buildings of television and radio. Distance of 100 meters was banned for pickets near health care organizations, the sites for mass events and sports activities and on the territories of religious buildings.

Approximately the same prohibitions are prescribed by the regulations of other executive committees of the region. However, for instance, in the Rechytsa district signatures pickets are prohibited at a distance of 50 meters from executive committees, village councils, television and radio buildings, courts, prosecutors' offices, bu stops, educational institutions, etc. and at a distance of 100 meters from health facilities, railway stations and markets.

In Svetlahorsk it is prohibited to collect signatures at a distance of 200 meters from executive committees, courts and so on.

In Dobrush, one cannot collect signatures at a distance of 50 meters from buildings of executive committees, prosecutors' offices, courts and public transport stops, the porcelain factory, paper mill, shops and department stores. Collecting signatures is also prohibited near train and bus stations.

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