Unidentified persons damaged lock on the entrance door of film director Volha Mikalaichyk

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Volha Mikalaichyk learned about the incident in the night of January 10, on her return from Kyiv. The woman doesn't rule out that the incident can be connected with her trip to Ukraine and speech at the Euro-Maydan.

“I have been away from house for three days. I went to the Independence Square in Kyiv, Ukraine. When I returned home, I found that the upper lock at the entrance door of my house was damaged. It was blocked so that it was impossible to enter the house. I had to break a window to enter the house. What is it? It comes to mind that it may somehow be connected to my political activities. Maybe, somebody has decided to intimidate me or just wanted to enter the house and pick up something of my work materials. They could also try to just create some inconveniences. After all, imagine a person who comes home haven't slept for three days, and can not get into the house! However, now I'm home and can relax," said Volha Mikalaichyk to RFE/RL correspondent .

Volha Mikalaichyk also doesn't exclude the criminal nature of the incident, but thinks this version is very unlikely. “However, I will probably file a complaint with the police", she said.

Volha Mikalaichyk is known for her documentaries about events in Belarus and Belarusian political prisoners. The film director also personally helps political prisoners and victims of the regime. In her speech in Kyiv she called for solidarity with those who are held in Belarusian prisons for their political views and political struggle.