Political prisoner Uladzimir Yaromenak not allowed making fir tree of plastic bags

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Uladzimir Yaromenak told about the conditions in the jail in Baranavichy.

The lawyer met the Young Front activist UladzimirYaromenak in the pre-trial jail No. 6 in Baranavichy. The political prisoner’s wife Valiantsina told RFE/RL the latest news about her husband, particlularly about the conditions in which he is currently kept.

“He looks well, cheerful. He said that at the moment there were eight people in the cell. All the people were more or less alright. He told about the fir tree that he tried to make of green plastic bags. The plastic bags were taken away”, the political prisoner’s wife pointed out.

According to the political prisoner, the conditions in the jail in Baranavichy are better than in the jail in Valadarski Street in Minsk. Yaromenak will stay in Baranavichy until March. Soon after the release his wife if expected to give birth to a daughter.

We would remind that in August the court ruled to punish the youth activist Uladzimir Yaromenak with 3 months of arrest on charges with violating preventive supervision requirements.

He was one of the prisoners of the criminal case on “mass riot in Minsk on 19 December 2010”. He was sentenced to three years in high security prison, but in August 2011 Mr. Yaromenak was released by Lukashenka’s pardon decree. Preventive supervision was established after him, after which he ended up in court twice.