Zhodzina City Executive Committee determines places banned for signatures pickets

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The regulation of the executive committee is quite similar to a similar regulation adopted during the parliamentary elections of 2012. The list of the placed banned for holding pickets for collecting signatures for nomination of candidates for the local councils hasn't been extended.

According to the present ruling, it is prohibited to hold the signature pickets at Zhodzina railway station, the electric train station "Zhodzina-Paudniovaye", as well as at a distance of less than 50 meters from the buildings of the local representative, executive and administrative bodies, courts, prosecutors'soffices and police departments. It is also prohibited to collect signatures of voters in the 50-meter zone from the stops of public transport, the bus station "Zhodzina" and the educational institutions and in the 100-meter zone from the entrances of plants, such as JSC "BelAZ", JSC "Svitanak" and hospitals and policlinics.

It is interesting that the prosecutor's office building, which can not be approached with the signature sheets closer than 50 meters, is surrounded by a metal lath and is located in a yard, close to some blocks of flats. That's why collecting signatures near the houses which are located near the prosecutor's office can be considered as collecting signatures in the banned area near the prosecutor's office.

As a result, the signature collectors may hold pickets only on the grounds in front of large shopping malls, squares and on certain parts of the city's main streets, on squares and in public parks.

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