Constituency election commissions of Shklou headed by state officials and heads of enterprises

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Two constituency commissions for the elections to the Mahiliou Regional Council of the 27th Convocation have been established on the territory of the Shklou disitrct, each consisting of 11 members.

The commission of Shklou city constituency No. 57 is located in Lenin Street, 76, office 306 of the Shklou District Executive Committee. The commission of Shklou rural constituency No. 58 is located in the agrarian settlement of Haradzets, in the administrative building of the farm which used to be headed by Aliaksandr Lukashenka, JSC "ASB-Ahra Haradzets".

Aliaksandr Davydovich, nominated to the commission by the republican public association “Belaya Rus”, was elected the commission chairman. It should be noted that he is also deputy chairman of the Shklou District Executive Committee on social issues and information, who was charged with supervision over the due implementation of the regulatioon of the executive committee “On determining the places, prohibited for picketing with the aim of collecting signatures for nomination of candidates for the local councils of the Republic of Belarus of 27 Convocation". NDeputy Chairman of the constituency election commission No. 57 is Viktar Karaliou, nominated by the regional branch of the Belarusian Red Cross Society, who works as the head of of the bureau of the Shklou district consumer society.

A representative of the Mahiliou regional branch of “Belaya Rus” Aleh Lesnik was elected Chairman of the Shklou rural constituency election commission No.58. Mr. Lesnik is head of JSC "Ahra Haradzets". His deputy in the election commission is Ivan Radouski, nominated to the commission by the labor collective of the animal health institution "Shklovsky District Veterinary Station", headed by him.

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