Kasia Kamotskaya's live performance banned in Minsk

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Kasia Kamotskaya. Photo by budzma.org

Kasia Kamotskaya. Photo by budzma.org

The situation with the concert of the well-known Belarusian rock singer Kasia Kamotskaya in Minsk remains unknown the day before the show, the website tuzin.fm reports.

Tickets for her concert continue to be sold on the site Kvitki.by, while the event is not mentioned at the website of the hosting venue, concert hall "Minsk". Blogger Seviaryn Kviatkouski wrote in his Facebook account, that the concert had not been authorized.

Kasia told tuzin.fm that her concert was agreed with the authorities in Minsk: "According to the information I have received, there is no permission for the concert despite the issue of a touring certificate by the ideological department of the Minsk City Executive Committee. The administration of the concert hall “Minsk” stated it was subordinated not to the executive committee, but to the Presidential Administration and stated that it didn't allow the concert. The organizer said he would look for a new venue.”

The concert organizer Pavel Kashyryn said that the concert really woldn't take place in the concert hall “Minsk” due to the failure to reach an agreement with its administration. He also said that the attempts to transfer the concert to another place still haven't yielded any results.

This concert was to have become Kasia's first official solo concert in Minsk in the last 10 years. The previous one took place in the House of Writers in 2004 and was later released on CD under
the title “Novaye Neba – Acoustic".