Babruisk and Mahiliou authorities determined places banned for signature pickets

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Babruisk City Executive Committee has published a list of places prohibited for picketing for the purpose of collecting signatures for nomination of candidates for the local elections. The list of places remains unchanged when compared to the last election, and hence creates the same uncomfortable conditions for collecting signatures: pickets are prohibited in almost all places of Babruisk which are popular with the public.

Traditionally pickets can not be carried out in Lenin and Peramoha squares. It is also prohibited to collect signatures within 200-meter area of editorial offices of the media, and 50-meter area of objects of rail and road transport, buildings of executive and administrative bodies, courts, prosecutors' offices, organizations providing defense, state security and vital needs of the population (transport, enterprises responsible for water sypply, heating electricity, preschool education, general secondary education institutions). The distance of 100 meters is defined for buildings of health organizations.

The department of ideological work, culture and youth affairs of the executive committee was entrusted with informing the public about the ban on picketing in these places. Deputy Chairman of the executive committee Aliaksandr Markachou was charged with supervision over the process.

A similar decision was taken in Mahiliou. There it is prohibited to hold pickets for collecting signatures in Lenin and Savetskaya squares, on railway transport, less than 200 meters from the underground passages and editorial offices of TV and radio media, less than 50 meters from the public administrative buildings, less than 100 meters from the buildings of healthcare organizations.

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