Initiator of medics' petition forced to take unpaid leave

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Representatives of the health care committee and the emergency station met with the initiator of the campaign.

Vital Aheyenka was an active organizer of the petition of health professionals. More than 5,000 people signed the petition. Vital was made to take an unpaid leave, the information desk of the 4th emergency substation said on Thursday, Interfax news agency reports.

A representative of the emergency substation refused to give reasons for the decision. Asked to comment on the initiative of Aheyenka, the information desk said: “We bear no relation to it.”

We remind that an online petition to raise salaries and provide better working conditions for workers of the emergency medical service was spread on the Internet some days ago. Initiators say some thousands of health professionals signed the document.

As the news agency learned from sources, “the committee will sort out the problem”. “A special commission was set up,” the source said.

According to the source, representatives of the health care committee and the emergency station met with the initiator of the petition. “Representatives of other emergency substations of Minsk attended the meeting,” the source said adding that a decision would be made in a few days.

There are no official comments from the Ministry of Health care, the health care committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee, the trade union of health care professionals and the management of the emergency medical service. The top officials of the health care committee and the city emergency station had a meeting in the Health care Ministry on Thursday. The subject of the meeting is unknown.