Drunk frontier guards held villagers at gunpoint

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The head of Lelchytsy checkpoint and his subordinate threatened villagers with guns for casting dubious glances on them.

The incident occurred on November 16, 2013,
Yezhednevnik reports. However, officials are refusing to comment on it. The central department of the Investigation Committee is running an inquiry into the case.

The incident occurred in Milashevichy village, Lelchytsy District (near the Ukrainian border). The head of the checkpoint
Prudok, senior lieutenant Hurau, and his subordinate, senior lieutenant Ramanovich, dropped in the snack bar Lya Samavara. They were celebrating the birth of a sergeant’s child. They sat near young minor girls aged 14 and 15.

Meanwhile, a teacher entered the snack bar. The girls were embarrassed because they were sitting together with the tipsy frontier guards. The frontier guards did not like it and started picking on the teacher. He did not respond to their rudeness. However, local guys defended him. The head of the border checkpoint was infuriated. He phoned his assistant and asked him to bring weapons. Drunk frontier guards returned to the snack bar with
machine guns. The head of the snack bar called the police.

Fortunately, shooting was avoided. Local inhabitants surrounded the frontier guards and would not let them leave until the police arrived.

A criminal hooliganism case was started against Hurau and Ramanovich. They may be imprisoned for up to 10 years for threatening people with weapons.

The conflict was caused by the locals, the frontier guards
' colleagues say.