Is activity of Klimavichy District Executive Committee's administrative commission a state secret?

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 8 January the publisher of the independent news bulletins "Klimavichy Infa-Panarama” Siarhei Arzhanets was denied the right to attend a sitting of the administrative commission of the Klimavichy District Executive Committee.

On this day, the commission was to consider several cases of administrative offenses, which were quite interesting for the publisher of “Klimavichy Infa-Panarama". For unknown reasons, Chairperson of the administrative commission Natallia Asmalouskaya (pictured) disliked the presence of the activist at the commission's sitting. By the way, Mrs. Asmalouskaya is also the business manager of the Klimavichy DEC. She told Mr. Arzhantsau that she prohibited him to attend the sitting.

The reasons for such a negative reaction of the official remain unclear, since according to Article 2.14 of the Procedural Executive Code of Administrative Offences "cases on administrative violations are considered openly".

Siarhei Arzhantsau left a proper record of the violation in the book of comments and suggestions of the Klimavichy DEC before leaving. He wrote that the chair of the administrative committee Natallia Asmalouskaya had denied him the right to be present at the commission sitting without explaining the reasons. The activist also wrote he wanted to receive an official answer why his rights were violated.

"I wanted to attend the sitting of the administrative commission, as some cases of administrative offenses related to a number of my friends were to be considered there, and the news about them might be intersting for readers of "Klimavichy Infa Panarama", says Siarhei Arzhantsau. However, when I wanted to come to the sitting, Natallia Asmalouskaya said that she, being the head of the commission, forbade me to attend the sitting. Mrs. Asmalouskaya refused to explain the reasons for it. Then I went to the ground floor of the executive committee, demanded to be given the complaint book and made an appropriate entry in it concerning the violtion of my right to be present at a public sitting of the administrative commission. Now I will wait for the reaction from officials of the Klimavichy DEC, and then will plan my next steps".

Photo taken from the website of the Klimavichy District Executive Committee