Homel region: office positions of members of territorial election commissions are indicated only in three districts

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During the latest years the authorities traditionally report about the strict abidance to privisions of the Electoral Code: that one third of the members of the territorial election commissioners represent the public and political parties. However, the office positions held by the commissioners aren't specified, because as a rule these are officers of executive committees and other state agencies, nominated to the commissions by “citizens” and trade unions.

During the formation of the Homel Region Election Commission, the office positions of the commission members, nominated by “citizens”, weren't mentioned. The same concerns Homel City Election Commission.

Among all territorial commissions of the Homel region, the positions of representatives of “citizens” are indicated only for the Dobrush, Loyeu and Petrykau district election commissions.

For instance, the Petrykau District Election Commission includes deputy chairman of the Executive Committee, Head of the personnel department of the Executive Committee, Head of the Department of Territorial Public Service Center (nominated by the Belarusian Union of Women) , the head of the regional rescue station "Water Rescue Association", head of the personnel department of the district hospital, chief economist of the district public utilities and the chief accountants of the local branch of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union and forestry.

The Loyeu District Election Commission traditionally includes Head of the personnel department of the Executive Committee (nominated by a trade union), Head of the economics department of the Executive Committee (nominated by “Belaya Rus” ), Deputy Chair of the Loyeu District Department of Emergency Situations), Head of the district postal service, an employee of the district newspaper and an archivist of the executive committee.

Dobrusk District Election Commission includes Head of the personnel department of the Executive Committee, Deputy Head of the department of labor, employment and social protection, director of the territorial social service center, director of the district Palace of Culture, deputy chief physician of the district hospital, Housing Specialist of the Executive Committee, an employee of the department of education, sport and tourism, head of the personnel department and the head of the trade union committee of the paper mill "Heroi Pratsy" . Once a boiler repairman was included in the Dobrush District Election Commission, Perhaps, he was the only working man, who became a member of a territorial commission in the Homel region.


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