Babruisk City Election Commission consists of “experienced members” as usual

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The city election commission traditionally consists of officials, heads of enterprises and members of pro-governmental institutions. Most of them worked in the commission during the last election. As usual, the website of Babruisk City Executive Committee doesn't report the places of their work, and just mentions the affiliation of some of them with certain parties and organizations.

The first of the 13 members is the head of the local core museum Natallia Artsiomchyk. Like during the 2010 elections, she was nominated to the election commissioon by the trade union of workers of culture. She is known for the calls to vote "for stability and prosperity".

Siarhei Bitkin is a former idelogist, now working as the head of the personnel department of Babruisk City Executive Committee. He was again nominated by a citizens' application. Uladzimir Viatkin has been a stable member of the commission for many years already. As usual, he was noinated by the local branch of “Belaya Rus”, presided by him.

Viktar Harbaniou, nominated by citizens, used to be the chairman of the Pershamaiski District Election Commission during the last few elections. Yauhen Kushnarou, chief specialist of Babruisk City Council, was the secretary of the city election commission during the 2010 local elections. He was again nominated by citizens.

Among the newcomers there is Anatol Nartymau, representing the union of veterans, and Larysa Rudkouskaya, head of the legal department of the executive committee, who was also nominated by citizens.

Hanna Rabenka worked in the commission during the parliamentary elections, she is the second secretary of the city branch of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union and is the youngest member of the commission, she is a little older than 20. Ms. Rabenka was nominated by the plenum of her organization. Yury Sebrukovich represents the Party of Labor and Justice, and works in the department of ideology of the executive committee.

Hanna Skryhan was nominated by the Belarusian Union of Women. She is the deputy director for ideology at the local meat-processing factory.

Aleh Smirnou, head of the personnel and health care department, was nominated by citizens as well. He was a member of the Pershamaiski District Election Commission during the parliamentary elections, as well as Siarhei Sarokin, who was also nominated by citizens.

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