Policeman takes explanations from Mikalai Charnavus

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Mikalai Charnavus' picket

Mikalai Charnavus' picket

The individual entrepreneur and activist Mikalai Charnavus who works at the central cooperative market was visited by the local police inspector, who told him to give explanations concerning the anti-corruption picket held on 26 December.

The one-man picket was held by a man dressed like Santa Claus holding a poster "Chairmen Dzichkouski and Yazubets are unsinkable. Chairman of the Regional Executive Committee Sumar deceived President. Corrupt official is in the Parliament. What a shame!"

Mikalai Charnavus denies his involvement in the picket and is sure that the case will not be passed to court, as the local officials are not interested in fomenting the corruption scandal, which involved the highest officials of the city and district.

There are rumours in Baranavichy that the Chairman of Baranavichy City Executive Committee Viktar Dzichkouski and the Chairman of Baranavichy District Executive Committee Mikalai Yazubets were involved in embezzlement of budget funds on spending holidays in the UAE and in other corruption cases. However, they haven't been held criminally responsible for it. Viktar Dzichkouski became the manager of the factory of reinforced concrete structures, and Mikalai Yazubets became a member of the Parliament.